The idea is very simple, gather Christians from every and any church tradition and go out and walk the streets, praying, speaking blessing, engaging with people and seeking to demonstrate Gods love and His Kingdom. Each month we are hosted by a different church where we hear about some of the needs in the area and work of the church. We then walk the streets in small groups praying and blessing before coming back together for a cup of tea and to tell stories of how they got on!
Every month I am encouraged by seeing Christians, who may otherwise never meet, come together to pray. There are regularly stories of people praying with those they meet, young people, shop keepers, passers by and even sometimes police officers. Or stories of people from the local church walking through their area and noticing things to pray for that they walk past every day. I remember one lady from a church saying that she would now think differently as she walked through her area, looking for things to pray for rather than just going from A to B.


We as a parish our hosting the Prayer Walk this month and it will take place on Monday 6th February meeting in the Cathedral at 7.30pm and returning to the parish centre for 9pm for some refreshments and a chat.


Please come along and join the prayer walk and pray for our parish along with other Christians from around Belfast.