Radio Maria Ireland is an Irish organisation staffed by dedicated professional and volunteer staff. It operates as a not-for-profit, non-commercial, internet-streaming radio station. Our goal is to expand our broadcasting capabilities through DAB, cable and satellite, in order to reach a wider audience.

Though not directly connected with the Roman Catholic Church, Radio Maria operates as an instrument of the Church and as a tool for evangelisation. It is obedient to the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church.

Our aim is to bring Christ into every Irish home through home-produced programmes that serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of listeners – both at home and abroad – while having a profound respect for the specific diversity and richness of each ethnic group.

Radio Maria is a simple and effective tool to spread the Good News, helping people to find the meaning of life in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s how you can listen:

Via Digital TV - Saorview Channel 210

Streaming on our WEBSITE -

Via our ‘Listen Live Radio’ link on our Facebook Page.