The Catholic Church today, 11 February, marks the annual day of Prayer for the Sick, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.  The theme of this year’s observance is “Take care of him: Compassion as a synodal exercise of healing”, drawn from the Gospel of Luke on the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

To read Pope Francis' message please click the following link, 31th World Day of the Sick 2023 | Francis (

Prayer for the  Sick


Blessed are You,  Father of all gifts.

I praise and thank  you for the gift of life which I

share with my  brothers and sisters.

I especially praise  and thank you for the life

You give us in Jesus,  whose su­ffering, death, and

resurrection has  shown the power of Your Love

to overcome all  limits.

Father, I pray for  the gifts of grace and healing

for all who are ill  (myself, my patient).

Father, I pray for  the gifts of wisdom and

strength for  caregivers (my own, or myself).

If we feel afraid,  give us courage.

If we feel dejected,  give us hope.

If we feel burdened,  give us patience.

If we feel alone,  show us the Body of Christ.

I ask this in Jesus'  name.



By Rev. Francis  Zlotkowski CSC

© 2023 NACC

A Prayer for the  Caregiver

Singing Soul


God of all –

Our days are short,

the hours, brief.

The world is fast,  loud, and shifting.

Time whirls and  celebrations arise.

Crisis’s too, bubble  up into endless hours.

Our pressing call, to  help and calm.

Time is what God  gives.

As the days and  months churn,

new events burst on  the scene,

need for help is  present, beckoning, and persisting.

May we, with our  perspective and behaviours,

gifts and experience,

turn our eyes, ears,  and hearts to you

as we care for the  infirm and ill.

As the days emerge,

fresh and new

may our efforts be  that of Your hands,

Your heart, and  intention.

Your depth and  meaning we cannot ignore,

giving breath to our  past, and allowing

each new hour, Our  soul to sing.



By Debby Bradley

© 2023 NACC